Payment methods at


Pay easy, safe and fast with PayPal. We debit the payment after order acknowledgment from your PayPal account (do not confuse with our order confirmation). If a billboard location is not available, we will debit only the corresponding partial amount.

Direct SEPA debit:

Authorize us to debit the payment by direct SEPA comfortably from your bank account. Of course, the submission of your account information is SSL encrypted. We debit your account into (up to) three payments:

  • 20% deposit with order
  • 50% interim payment 65 days before campaign start
  • 30% Lastpayment 21 days before campaign start

Payment in advance (bank transfer):

You can pay conveniently by bank transfer from your account. We begin immediately processing your order after incoming payment. Please note, that crediting on our bank account will usually require three working days.

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