How does billboard advertising sale?

Poster supports sales!

  • Poster supports sales, because... out of home advertising achieves highest coverage – 10 days, 24 hours with the best value for money.
  • Poster supports sales, because... you can place your ad right at your target group. It is possible to adjust your regional targeting perfectly.
  • Poster supports sales, reach customers whose media consumptions is low compared to the average.
  • Poster supports sales, because... billboards make it possible to set your product into scene in XXL format.

How does out of home advertising work?

If you like to perform an out of home advertising campaign you usually need to work together with 4-5 different companies. You have to book the desired billboards, organize the dates and supervise the realization of your campaign. is Germany’s first online tool that allows you to plan and book your own out of home advertising campaign from billboard selection to printing in just a few easy steps.

The tool offers all of the ca. 180.000 billboards all over Germany. The boards are shown with pictures, prices, description and availabilities. Thus a profound judgment of the quality of each billboard is given. You can view the panels is an easy to read list or directly on a map.

Printing and shipping at the best prices allows you to create your own poster online or provides you with a huge collection of templates – for free. Perfect printing data is generated automatically and you can order the printing and shipping for attractive prices as well.

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