How much advance planning does a poster campaign require?

A time buffer of 3-4 weeks should be allowed when implementing a poster campaign.

In order to ensure the campaign runs smoothly, the poster company expects to have the final printed posters in their respective warehouses approximately 10 days before the campaign is due to begin. In addition to this you also have to allow 5-6 working days for printing and delivery. This quickly adds up to three weeks.

A schedule with sufficient enough time buffer also provides a great advantage – there is a wider choice of billboards available. As a general rule, the earlier you start planning a poster campaign the bigger your choice of attractively located billboards.

Here a few examples of time displacement:

For the January Sale?


Book in mid December

For a May Day Bank
Holiday promotion?


Book at the beginning
of April

For Halloween?


Book in September

The principle is quiete simple: always think 4 weeks ahead!